Anyone can fall under the influence of substance abuse and develop an addiction. For working adults, especially those with stressful careers, finding an addiction treatment facility that can accommodate a busy work and home life can seem nearly impossible. However, when you learn about Gateway Foundation Pekin, you’ll find a center that works to help individuals overcome addiction regardless of their busy lives.

About Gateway Foundation Pekin

about gateway foundation pekinGateway Foundation is a leader in addiction treatment with over 50 years of experience in the industry. Through our various locations, including the facility in Pekin, Illinois, Gateway Foundation has graduated over one million patients. Each of our rehab centers offers unique and compassionate care to help men and women from all circumstances get the addiction treatment they need.

At Gateway Foundation Pekin, patients have access to customizable, flexible substance abuse treatment that meets the needs of a busy, working adult. What’s special about Gateway Foundation Pekin is our commitment to meeting patients where they’re at and helping them reach sobriety without disrupting their lives.

Gateway Foundation Pekin specializes in intensive outpatient and outpatient care. This location offers morning and evening treatment programs that adult men and women can fit into their busy lives. This way, adults don’t have to leave their jobs or families behind to get the addiction treatment they need.

Individualized Addiction Treatment

For busy adults, finding an accommodating addiction treatment program can seem impossible. Many programs require adults to leave their jobs or families for a duration to pursue treatment. However, many people don’t have the luxury of being able to leave their jobs or families behind.

A key aspect about Gateway Foundation Pekin is that we’ll never ask you to drop your obligations or responsibilities. We offer individualized, flexible treatment options that you can fit into your hectic schedule. If you need a morning program that you can attend before work or an evening program after you pick your kids up from school, we have what you need to pursue a life of healing.

Benefits of Small Group Settings

Gateway Foundation Pekin offers many outpatient treatment programs and addiction therapy services to help adults understand their addictions and overcome them with evidence-based techniques. When patients enroll in our intensive outpatient program or outpatient addiction treatment program, they’ll learn the skills they need to end their addictions and prevent relapse.

One of the unique traits about Gateway Foundation Pekin is our dedication to treating the whole person. For those who struggle with mental health disorders, or even those who just need a better understanding of themselves, our Pekin location offers:

Many of these therapies and programs occur in small group settings. Often, individuals in these groups will have similar experiences that they can share to find guidance from others, but also to help others learn from their stories. These group settings create a support network that patients can rely on after they leave treatment.

Furthermore, patients from a Gateway Foundation program also have access to our recovery community. This community is an extensive network of Gateway Foundation alumni who continue to support one another even after treatment.

Begin Treatment with Gateway Foundation Pekin

Don’t let addiction control your life for another day. Regardless of where you are in your treatment journey, Gateway Foundation Pekin is ready to help you. With evidence-based treatment programs and therapy services, our compassionate team is ready to work with you to overcome your addiction.

To learn more about Gateway Foundation Pekin, call us today at 309.346.7800. Get started with an individualized treatment program that works for you and begin living the healthier, happier life you deserve.