Learning to manage stress and difficult situations is a necessary part of addiction treatment and recovery. However, this isn’t an easy process for everyone. One effective way of learning how to do this is through acceptance and commitment therapy.

What Is Mindfulness?

acceptance and commitment therapy program gateway foundation pekinAn Acceptance and Commitment Therapy program is based on mindfulness. Mindfulness is the process of being aware of one’s experiences, reactions, and thoughts in daily life. Being mindful of how you handle situations can help you make healthier and more thoughtful decisions when you face adversity.

For those struggling with substance abuse, acceptance and commitment therapy can help individuals develop healthier coping mechanisms and learn how to face stressful situations without relying on addictive substances for relief. For example, instead of consuming alcohol after a stressful workday, someone practicing mindfulness may exercise or practice yoga instead.

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy teaches individuals how to be mindful of their thoughts and scenarios, and how to accept them. Often, people struggle with substance abuse and addiction because they have a difficult time accepting their circumstances and developing solutions on how to manage them. Instead of facing their stressors and developing solutions, they avoid them.

There are six core principles of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. These include:

  • Developing coping methods that reduce reification of thoughts and emotions
  • Accepting thoughts and feelings without struggling with them
  • Becoming aware of the present
  • Observing and developing one’s sense of self
  • Identifying core values
  • Setting goals and working towards them

This solution-oriented form of therapy also helps individuals develop psychological flexibility that helps them understand, accept, and move on from difficult circumstances.

Overcoming Addiction

For many people, addiction develops from an underlying mental health disorder or stressor that they have difficulty managing. Through an Acceptance and Commitment Therapy program, individuals can learn to have mental fortitude and strategies for managing these circumstances.

Furthermore, once clients overcome the issues that caused their addictions, they will have the tools they need to face any other stressors that come their way in the future. This way, they will both learn how to overcome their addiction and prevent relapse in the future.

Gateway Foundation Pekin’s Acceptance and Commitment Therapy Program

Gateway Foundation Pekin is an outpatient addiction treatment facility in Pekin, IL, just outside of Peoria. Our convenient and flexible facility helps adult men and women overcome addiction and manage symptoms of underlying mental health disorders. Through comprehensive education sessions, outpatient treatment programs, and addiction therapy services, we help all of our clients develop lifelong skills for recovery.

Our compassionate addiction treatment staff members have experience treating many types of substance use and mental health disorders. Of course, in addition to our Acceptance and Commitment Therapy program, some of the treatments we offer include:

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