Addiction is an extremely isolating disease. If you struggle with a substance use disorder, it’s common to feel like you’re completely alone in your struggle. However, addiction treatment can show you that others have the same feelings and experiences as you. Furthermore, becoming part of a Recovery Community, such as the one organized by Gateway Foundation, will offer you that support for the rest of your life.

What Is an Addiction Recovery Community?

addiction recovery community gateway foundation pekinAddiction is a lifelong disease and those who achieved sobriety are still in recovery for the rest of their lives. By comparison, addiction treatment itself is just a small portion of a person’s recovery journey. An addiction Recovery Community is a network of individuals who graduated from addiction treatment but still come together to participate in activities and support one another.

Gateway Foundation has graduated over 1 million patients from its programs. However, we didn’t want to just stop there. We organized an addiction recovery community that gives our clients the ability to support others and find support themselves.

The Importance of Support

Addiction treatment is not a cure for addiction. Addiction requires constant monitoring, mindfulness, and care in order to keep it at bay. However, life has many ups and downs. Sometimes, one person isn’t enough to refrain from the temptations of substance abuse. Furthermore, not everyone leaves addiction treatment and returns to a supportive network of loved ones.

For this reason, Gateway Foundation Pekin supports an extensive addiction Recovery Community comprised of many Gateway Foundation alumni. This network of individuals with similar experiences provide support, advice, and accountability for others. Through this network, our clients can find friends and sponsors to help them remain sober during recovery.

This community also supports each other through a range of everyday activities. Whether they need someone to talk to or participate in events, the addiction Recovery Community is there to support them. Our clients can feel comfortable knowing that the network is a judgment-free and empowering environment where individuals work together to maintain sobriety.

Recovery with Gateway Foundation Pekin

In order to participate in our Recovery Community, you first have to overcome your addiction. Gateway Foundation Pekin is an outpatient treatment facility located in Pekin, Illinois. Conveniently located near Peoria, our treatment facility offers the flexibility and ease that busy adults need to overcome addiction.

In addition to flexible morning and evening Outpatient Treatment programs, we also offer professional therapy services, such as:

If you’re ready to join a community of happy, healthy, and successful adults, then call Gateway Foundation Pekin today at 309.346.7800. Don’t let addiction control your life and join the thousands of other Gateway Foundation alumni in our addiction Recovery Community.