In 2015, 15.1 million Americans suffered from an alcohol use disorder. Alcohol use disorders include physical dependency, chronic binge drinking, and alcoholism. Alcohol is also one of the most commonly used psychoactive substances in the United States, with more than half of all adults drinking at least once per month. Binge drinking is also common among young adults, especially on college campuses. This is why many need to attend an outpatient alcohol rehab center.

Since alcohol is legal and widely available, it has become a standstill at events like sports games, concerts and weddings. Unfortunately, alcohol is also prone to abuse and can cause physical and psychological addiction. Likewise, alcohol dependency can cause serious, and even life-threatening, withdrawal symptoms. Delirium tremors, a rare but serious complication from alcohol withdrawal, can cause confusion, tremors, seizures and even death.

Although alcoholism and alcohol use disorders are incurable, they can be successfully managed at an alcohol addiction treatment center. Treatment, including an outpatient drug rehab center in Pekin IL, can help you receive the support you need to maintain your sobriety.

What is Alcoholism?

Alcohol can create feelings ranging from euphoria and happiness to rage and anger. Ethanol, which is the ingredient in alcohol that leads to intoxication, can be fatal in large doses. It also can cause damage to your liver. Alcohol acts as a central nervous system depressant, meaning that it can cause decreased breathing and blood pressure.

Man sits on the ground thinking that he needs to visit an outpatient alcohol rehab center

Ethanol inhibits certain neurotransmitters, such as GABA and serotonin. When you drink alcohol, your brain releases more neurotransmitters than it typically would under normal circumstances, leading to euphoric effects. When your brain becomes accustomed to alcohol, it begins to rely on alcohol in order to release certain neurotransmitters.

Your brain begins to crave alcohol, even if it would lead to harmful consequences. These cravings occur when you experience triggers, which can be people, places or things. When you immediately stop drinking after becoming physically dependent on alcohol, you can experience serious, harmful and uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms.

Signs of an alcohol use disorder or alcoholism can include:

  • Inability to control your drinking
  • Drinking in dangerous or inappropriate situations
  • Driving while intoxicated
  • Engaging in dangerous or risky behaviors while intoxicated
  • Experiencing frequent blackouts and memory loss when drinking
  • Saying or doing things while drunk that you later regret
  • Friends or family members confronting you about your drinking

What is an Outpatient Alcohol Rehab Center?

An outpatient alcohol rehab center Pekin IL offers can help you achieve sobriety and recover from a drinking problem or alcoholism. This alsoprovides you with structured treatment, but with the flexibility of returning home each night. An outpatient alcohol rehab center also allows you to continue working or going to school while receiving treatment.

Outpatient treatment utilizes strategies such as evidence-based and holistic treatments, relapse prevention plans and individual and group therapy to help you address and manage your drinking problem. Learning about how alcohol impacts your body and mind can help you navigate early recovery more effectively.

Individual and group counseling helps you identify negative thinking patterns and learn how to cope with negative emotions and stress. Stress plays a significant role in addiction because it oftentimes causes you to become overwhelmed, leading to a higher risk of relapsing. Outpatient alcohol treatment provides you with the tools and skills you need to achieve long term sobriety.

Getting Help Today

If you or a loved one is struggling with alcoholism or a drinking problem, an outpatient alcohol rehab center can help you take the steps you need to recover. Gateway Foundation Perkin, the premier outpatient drug rehab center in Perkin IL offers, is dedicated to helping you find recovery. Our dedicated staff treats our clients with the understanding, compassion, and respect required to create a supportive, recovery-focused environment. Call us today at [Direct] to learn more about our programs and your treatment options.