Outpatient drug rehab is one component of drug addiction treatment. People who are struggling with drug use disorder need to have various options for rehabilitation, and outpatient therapy provides that. As a matter of fact, with the drug addiction rates rising across larger cities and metropolitan areas, the need for quality drug rehabs is evident.

In fact, in Pekin, IL drugs traffic from nearby Chicago and make its way into the neighborhood. The flow of drugs brings challenges for city residents. However, not everyone who faces drug addiction is able to attend a residential rehab program. Moreover, this is where outpatient substance abuse treatment programs fill the gap.

How Does Outpatient Drug Rehab Work?

Therapist at an outpatient drug rehabOutpatient drug rehab works similar to residential care with one exception—you will not be staying over night living at the center. Instead, you will come to the rehab facility every day or several times a week for therapy, education, and group sessions, and other substance abuse programs.

Additionally, during outpatient drug treatment, you will take advantage of all the therapies and programs in which the residents are participating. In addition, you will have the opportunity to take those skills home with you and put them into practice.

Likewise, when you come back to therapy the following day, you can report to your therapist and to the group about how things went. Moreover, if you struggled, you’ll have a chance to address it. Then, if you were successful, you’ll have the chance to tell others. You will be a living example of how well the therapies are working.

What Types of Services Are At An Outpatient Drug Rehab?

The services for those participating in outpatient rehab are very similar to those in inpatient rehab. Specific outpatient programs that are available include:

  • Intensive Outpatient Program
  • Outpatient Addiction Treatment
  • Medication-Assisted Treatment
  • 12-Step Program

Likewise, within these programs we provide several therapies, some of which include:

How Do You Start Outpatient Rehab?

The first step to begin outpatient drug rehab in Pekin IL is to contact the treatment facility. An intake coordinator will begin the admissions process with you right over the phone. The coordinator will take down your information including your history. Then they will do insurance verification.

Then, once the insurance verification is complete, they will schedule you for your first session, which will likely be to establish a treatment plan. The therapist and coordinator will go over your schedule and discuss what therapies in which you will be participating. During this visit, you will likely tour the facilities and have an opportunity to ask questions and meet others.

Finding an Outpatient Drug Rehab

Searching for the right outpatient drug rehab is a vital part of the process. You want a place where you feel comfortable and where you know you’ll get top-quality therapy.

In light of this, we’d like to introduce you to the Gateway Foundation Pekin, where our compassionate care has helped over 1 million people throughout the last 50 years. We are pleased to offer our evidence-based therapies as a part of our outpatient programs. We treat a range of substance use disorders with programs such as:

Additionally, at Gateway Foundation Pekin, patients have access to customizable, flexible substance abuse treatment that meets the needs of a busy, working adult. Don’t let drug addiction hold you back in life. You can overcome the problems of drug addiction by going to an outpatient drug rehab. Contact us at [DirectNumber], and we’ll get you on the right path.