Drug addiction is a crisis that affects people on many levels. It harms the individual physically, mentally, and emotionally. In addition, drug use disorder often hurts families, and we know it increases crime to communities. If drug addiction is affecting your life, then beginning the process of rehab admissions is your first step towards health, happiness, and wholeness.

As an illustration, when people sink down under the load of drug addiction, they are often confused about how to even begin the process of rehabilitation. They know they want to get well and whole again, but they don’t know how. This is understandable. Drug addiction is a disease—and lives are at stake. You need a helping hand to pull you through the rehab admission process. Gateway Foundation Pekin is here to guide you through the steps.

Rehab Admissions: What You Need to Know

Woman learns about the rehab admissions processThe admissions process for rehab is similar to that of the admissions process to a hospital. You begin by contacting the facility where you plan to go and obtaining preliminary information. You may inquire about their programs to ensure that the location will be a good fit for you. Some rehab facilities also offer different programs. Here is a listing of Gateway Pekin programs:

Insurance Verification 

The next step in the rehab admissions process is for rehab insurance verification. No need to worry about this process as all insurance carriers must provide coverage. According to legislation, insurance providers must treat drug addiction just as they would any other medical condition. Therefore, just as they would provide coverage for a heart condition, they must provide coverage for drug use disorder.

Additionally, insurance verification involves you giving the rehab coordinator your insurance information including provider name, member id number, group id number, and plan coverage. The coordinator will be able to handle verifying the coverage you have and find out what, if any, out of pocket expenses you will need to pay.

Also, the coordinator will also find out whether your insurance is in or out of network with the treatment facility. Of course, at Gateway Pekin, we accept both in and out of network insurance coverage.

Likewise, insurance carriers do not have to pay all of the rehab costs, although they cannot deny you drug addiction coverage. The amount they pay depends on the specifics of your plan. If the total rehab expenses are not covered by insurance, then you do have other options available. Some people obtain a loan.  They may have a family member or loved one who is able to loan them the money. Others borrow it from a bank or credit card. At Gateway Pekin, we do offer financing so you won’t need to look elsewhere if you don’t want.

Rehab Programs and Therapies

The programs and therapies at rehab are evidence-based meaning they are proven by research to be effective in treating substance abuse. For example, at Gateway Pekin some of the therapies we offer include:

In summary, we have been helping people for over 50 years and use addiction medicine during the rehab process. In short, addiction medicine is a holistic approach that uses evidence-based practices, including therapy and medication, in combination with compassionate patient engagement to treat each person’s unique physical, social and emotional needs. All this considered, our array of outpatient programs will get you on the pathway to healing.

In conclusion, don’t let drug addiction control your life. You can overcome your drug problems by starting the rehab admissions process at a quality drug rehab. Ultimately, contact us at [DirectNumber], and we’ll walk with you every step of the way.