Have you or a loved one become addicted to dangerous opiate drugs? Whether prescription or illicit, the substance you abuse can lead to extreme consequences, such as withdrawal, overdose, and even death. You can do yourself and your loved ones a favor by finding reliable help from a quality opiate addiction treatment center. The right kind of treatment could help you get clean and learn to resist future urges and addiction triggers.

The Opiate Crisis

opiate addiction treatment centerThere are countless addiction problems in the U.S., but currently, opiate addiction is one of the most concerning. When taken for a short time in small doses, opiates offer an effective form of pain management. Unfortunately, opiates contain highly addictive properties that can easily lead to increased tolerance, dependency and addiction.

  • Opiates can be classified into three categories:
  • A natural derivative of opium that includes morphine
  • Partially synthetic forms of morphine, known as opioids, including medications like hydrocodone and oxycodone
  • Synthetic forms including fentanyl and codeine

While the structures of the three classifications of opiates differ, they all work in the same way. Their purpose is to play on transmitters in the brain and produce pain relieving results. Essentially, opiates decrease or slow down the functioning of the body’s central nervous system.

Because opiates have a sedative effect on the body, they can be especially dangerous when combined with other depressants, like alcohol. In fact, a combination of opiate drugs and alcohol can be fatal to new or experienced users. If you abuse opiates and alcohol together, you are urged to seek professional treatment now rather than waiting until later. A reputable opiate addiction treatment center like Gateway Foundation can help you with withdrawal management and prepare you for rehab.

What to Expect from an Opiate Addiction Treatment Center

If you’re like others, you may be curious about what your time at an opiate addiction treatment center might entail. Unlike the cold and sterile experience provided by hospitals, rehab at a private treatment facility doesn’t have to be uncomfortable or lonely. At Gateway Foundation, you can begin the healing process in an environment that is safe, home-like, and supportive.

The exact details of your day-to-day schedule at Gateway Foundation will depend largely upon your recovery needs. Like all diseases, addiction has impacted you in unique ways. Your history and past experiences with opiate addiction have also shaped who you are today. For treatment to be a success, you need a treatment plan that can be designed with your specific needs in mind.

Additionally, one important part of patient care at our opiate addiction treatment center involves extensive therapy with one of our experienced psychologists. In many cases, abusive behaviors are triggered by specific events, people, or memories. If you expect to maintain your sobriety after treatment ends, you must address any painful traumas or experiences that fuel your abusive behaviors.

What Else We Offer

If you’re ready to start working towards recovery, consider enrolling at Gateway Foundation in Pekin, IL. We can assist you with a variety of issues, including drug and alcohol addiction, as well as co-existing emotional disorders.

We offer:

Get the Help You Need at Our Illinois Rehab

Finally, don’t put off seeking professional help for opiate addiction. A leading opiate addiction treatment center like Gateway Foundation in Pekin can help you transition into a life of total and lasting sobriety. Furthermore, to find out which of our programs is best suited to meet your needs, call our office today at 309.346.7800.