Opioid abuse and addiction is a serious problem that should not be ignored. If you abuse opioid drugs, you are at high risk for withdrawal, overdose, and even accidental death. Fortunately, you can take steps to prevent these tragedies by enrolling at a quality opioid addiction treatment center like Gateway Foundation in Pekin. Here, you can learn valuable skills for getting clean, resisting future relapse, and avoiding addiction triggers.

Opioid Addiction On the Rise

opioid addiction treatment center gateway foundation pekinAddiction trends ebb and flow, but in recent years, the number of new opioid addiction cases have drastically increased. Currently, millions of U.S. residents are abusing some sort of opioid drug, with prescription opioids being the lead offenders. Medications like codeine and hydrocodone (to name a few) are prescribed by physicians to help relieve pain. Unfortunately, their highly-addictive properties can and often do lead to abuse, dependency, and a full-blown addiction. Once addiction occurs, the user is likely to experience withdrawal symptoms whenever they try to quit using.

Withdrawal makes it difficult for long-time users to get clean. Commonly, withdrawal symptoms start to appear just a few hours after the last dosage. The severity of symptoms can vary, but in general, may include things like abdominal pain and discomfort; nausea and vomiting; headaches; insomnia; excessive sweating; and depression. Factors like genetics and length and volume of abuse usually determine how severe a user’s withdrawal symptoms will be.

Because opioid withdrawal can be intense, countless individuals never achieve their goal of sobriety. Many people give in to their addiction urges when symptoms peak and inevitably fall back into the cycle of abuse. If you’ve ever tried and failed to get clean on your own, you are just one of the millions of people in the same boat.

If you’re serious about confronting your opioid addiction, seek help from a quality opioid addiction treatment center. Experienced professionals can help you manage withdrawal and transition towards a life of lasting recovery. At Gateway Foundation in Pekin, IL, you’ll find an array of effective treatment options and resources that are useful for maintaining long-lasting results.

Learn More About Our Opioid Addiction Treatment Center

If you’re still not convinced that treatment is necessary, consider your current state of health. Do you enjoy waking up and feeling enslaved to your addiction? Do you like seeing your close friends and family suffer because of your substance abuse problem? Most likely, you can recognize how your addiction impacts not just you, but also the people who surround you. Hopefully, you can also see how getting help for your problem could help you to recover your broken relationships.

During your time at an opioid addiction treatment center, you can get clean in the physical sense while working towards improved emotional and spiritual health. Real rehabilitation requires more than treatment of your physical addiction symptoms. It also involves healing each of your physical, psychological, and social imbalances. If all of your needs are not addressed, you’re likely to return to substance abuse once treatment ends.

What We Offer

For truly effective care, enroll at Gateway Foundation in Pekin, IL. In addition to being a leading opioid addiction treatment center, we also treat addictions to other drugs and alcohol. Regardless of how long you’ve been abusing opioids, there is hope for a real and lasting rehabilitation.

Just a few of the programs and therapy options we offer at our drug addiction treatment center include:

Let Us Help You Achieve Real Change

Don’t wait to accept help for addiction. You can get clean and make great strides towards your recovery by enrolling at Gateway Foundation in Pekin, IL. To learn more about how our opioid addiction treatment center can guide you towards a sober future, call us toll-free at 309.346.7800.